Success Base Engineering Limited has always respected and cherished the natural environment, actively supported sustainable development, and strictly abided by environmental protection principles, so that the next generation can continue to enjoy natural resources. We act strictly to the best practice of being a sustainable working environment and promote the practice to each of our work sites and employees to care for the environment by implementing the following policies:

Energy Conservation

  • Switch off electrical appliances when they are not in use (such as air-conditioners, computers, printers, photocopiers, lightings, etc.).
  • Maintain an average indoor temperature between 24 - 26°C.
  • Computers are set to idle-mode automatically. 
  • Avoid using incandescent light source and replace it with energy efficient options.
  • Choose electrical appliances with “Grade 1” energy label (such as refrigerator, air conditioner, copy machine, printer, etc.)

Paper Usage

  • Use both sides of the paper for printing and receiving fax.
  • Set up recycling boxes near the photocopiers to collect single-sided paper for reuse and both-sided used paper for recycling.
  • Maintain a Paperless Office unless it is necessary.
  • Encourage staff to reuse stationery, e.g. used envelopes, document folders and binding material.
  • Produce electronic greeting cards (for Lunar New Year, Christmas, etc.) for staff to use during festive occasions.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

  • Donate WEEE (such as computer, printer, photocopiers, kettles or microwave ovens, etc.) to charitable organisations or send them to recyclers for processing.

Promote a "food wise" culture

  • Encourage staff to bring their own utensils and avoid using disposable options.
  • Only use reusable cups, dishes and stainless-steel cutlery sets at all in-house parties.
  • Only order food that we are able to finish and take home the leftovers for further consumption.

Green Procurement

  • Purchase green stationery such as recycled paper, refillable ball pens, recycled pencils, and recyclable laser printer toner cartridges, etc.
  • Purchase office equipment ( e.g. refrigerator, fan, photocopier and printer) with Energy Efficiency label
  • Purchase furniture made of recyclable materials.

Green Office

  • Potted plants can relieve stress and help in focusing. Placing a potted plant on desk not only can improve air quality but also satisfaction towards the office and work-efficiency.