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About us

Authorized to use Happy Company Logo again

Success Base Engineering Limited has always been committed to creating a pleasant working environment for its employees.

A third “Happy Company” certificate was presented at the “Happiness-at-Work” logo presentation ceremony 2019 by the Promoting Happiness Index Foundation.

In addition, the company won two awards of the “Happiness-at-work Photo Competition” for the first time, i.e. gold award under the employee category & silver award under the enterprise category. Both photos were taken by Mr. Philip Choy of the administrative and accounting department, and were highly praised by the judges, who believed that our company’s joyfulness and vitality could be widely spread to the public.

Mr. Philip Choy is very honored to win both awards for the first time he participated the competition. He believes that a pleasant working environment can increase the employees’ sense of belongings and productivity. Philip will keep on shooting more joyous photos in order to show the happy moment and unity within our working areas.


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