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Bringing Love and Care Actions During the Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19 pandemic has come as an unexpected wave where everyone was put at risk. Prices of hygiene products such as surgical masks, hand sanitisers, tissue paper and even rice are doubled or tripled up, whereas supplies are limited. Elderlies with medical need who have to visit the hospital regularly and cleaners who work at unhygienic environments are at the highest risk of getting the pandemic. News reports stated that some elderlies would wash and reuse masks due to the inadequate stock at home or need to queue up in the middle of the night for a single box of masks.

Seeing the needs from the society, our volunteer team, “Success Base Angels Team” worked with other social welfare organisations call out to distribute epidemic prevention materials to the disadvantaged.

Over $10 thousand donation is received from our colleagues for purchasing daily necessities to the affected families. We also mobile distributed the epidemic prevention materials over Hong Kongs’ Public Refuse Collection Points to distribute 300 masks to cleansing workers. We also joined the ‘Provision of hand sanitiser dispensers among old tenement blocks’ to install wall mounted hand sanitiser dispensers in old tenement blocks all over Hong Kong and distributed antiseptic products to the residents.


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