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About us

Contribute to the Community and Show Care to the Industry

Success Base, the subsidiary of Superland Group, has always cared about the community and invested resources to assist those in need. “Success Base Love Fund” was established in 2017 and was aimed to to carry out regular volunteer activities, contribute to community and support the underprivileged.

Success Base has been awarded the "Industry Cares Recognition Scheme" and "Caring Certificate" from the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) for the fourth time, in recognition of the company's determination and ability to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Affected by the global pandemic, Hong Kong’s economy, as well as the construction industry, fell into a deep recession. However, we continue to stay on our own positions to give a helping hand to the people in need in the community and to give back to society with our expertise in the industry of construction and fitting out. We implemented 40 projects last year in four different fields, which were community, environment, education and employees. The total number of beneficiaries reached 16,000. The projects included a hand sanitizer sharing scheme in Tong Lau (Chinese building), a series of home repair workshops and a retired bus refurbishing campaign for teaching purposes which aimed to strengthen connection between the students with intermediate intellectual disability and the community and increase their self-confidence.

The Group will continue to adhere the spirit of “take from society, give back to society” by supporting those in need in society and fostering a corporate culture of care.


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