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About us

Mr. Ng Chi Chiu shared his experience in governance at the CPA Australia

Success Base Engineering Limited has grown from “one person with one desk” to one of the four major fitting-out companies in Hong Kong.

Even if it encountered the difficulties over the years such as bad debts, financial crisis and SARS, etc., it can still go upstream in the market. Its outstanding management has continued to earn the trust and recognition by others. Even the CPA Australia has invited Mr. Ng Chi Chiu, director of the Company, to share his unique management approach with its members.

There were more than 100 participants on the day of the event. Mr. Ka-Ho Cheung, Chairman of U Banquet Group, was also being interviewed. The sharing session of leading the road to success began after presentation of the Certificate of Appreciation to the two guests. Mr. Ng believes that we must seize every opportunity to create higher value for our customers and complete all tasks beyond their expectation.

"Employees are the most important assets of the company. The leaders of the company need to review and reflect on time. They must not be self-enclosed. They must face up to their own shortcomings and deficiencies in order to make the company and employees progress.


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