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Organise Industry Exchange and Visits to Expand Career Paths for Graduates

Success Base Engineering Limited understands the importance of education and training thus organised various professional training courses for the younger generation to pass the excellent craftsmanship on. In light of that, we have organised company visits with the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Sha Tin Campus).

More than 20 fresh graduates from Higher Diploma in Architectural Technology and Design have participated in the visit. To enrich students’ knowledge of engineering firms, we have prepared videos and invited department heads for sharing and prepared interactive game sessions. They were able to know more about the operational procedures and requirements of different departments before entering the workforce.

The decoration industry has been craving for talents, with the commencement of numerous oncoming infrastructure construction works, great opportunities are brought to Hong Kong. Therefore, this visit presented the development and prospect of the decoration industry to the students, hoping to broaden their career horizons. We will keep a close relationship with educational institutes to push the industry forward.


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