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Participated in the recycling of used books to raise funds for the children in rural areas

With today’s advanced technology, a book may not ignite great interests for children in Hong Kong. Nonetheless for those left-behind children inhabiting in rural areas, a book could be the key to improve their living.Success Base Engineering Limited concerns greatly on children’s rights and interests, also in great support for children to alter their destiny and cultivate their characters by pursuit of knowledge.

Success Base Angels Team has participated the ‘Used Book Recycling Campaign 2019’ organized by World Vision Hong Kong in July, which served to raise funds for the early childhood education project in Guangxi and Shaanxi provinces, enlightening vulnerable children and changing their lives for the better through education.

We have placed numerous recycling boxes in the office to encourage our colleagues to “actively donate” their used books. The response has been overwhelming – we had received over 60 used books within a week. 8 volunteers helped to deliver those books to the World Vision’s book classification center. Under the guidance of their staff, the entire classification process was smoother, volunteers had rendered support for classifying over 1,000 used books. Representatives of the World Vision has shown their appreciation for our initiatives and Success Base Engineering Limited committed to keep on participating in their charitable activities in support of children.


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