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About us

Promoting age-friendly workplaces

Superland Group and its subsidiary, Success Base, always believe that human capital is the most important asset to our prosperity, thereby we have been initiating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) since our establishment. Success Base first joined the “Post 50 Internship Programme”, co-organized by the Employee Retraining Board (ERB) and Labour Department “Work Trial Scheme”, to provide internships for seniors who are seeking employment and those who wish to change their career path. We believe that helping seniors to better fit into Hong Kong workplace is an indispensable component of our endeavours to promote social harmony.

Through this one-month programme, Success Base successfully empowered two mature women to unlock their potential and sharpen their competitive edge. They not only acquired basic skills and knowledge about construction and fitting out works, but also learnt to keep up with the fast-changing market environment. One of the interns even found her passion for construction sector, and decided to work as a full-time staff at Success Base thereafter.

In near future, Success Base will be more dedicated to building a diverse, equal and inclusive working environment where employees can let their inner strengths shine regardless of their age and gender.


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