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Seminar on Digital Application and BIM Technology for the Industry

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology has been widely applied in the market in recent years. The advanced technology facilitates more sophisticated project management and cross-disciplinary collaboration. It also benefits project estimation and risk management.

In order to increase the understanding and knowledge in BIM technology of the industry members, Hong Kong Decoration and Engineering Association (HKDEA) collaborated with the Construction Industry Council to host a seminar on “Digital Application for Construction, Engineering and Fitting-out Industry” in October 2021 to discuss the development of BIM technology and its impacts on relevant industries.

During the seminar, guests from different professions shared AI project management cases in surveying, engineering and fitting-out industries; case references and benefits on digital technologies’ application; as well as the coming development and trend of BIM technology. Mr. Wong Kwok On, Kio, the Project Manager of Oodles, introduced how Oodles’ technologies will keep up with the times and lead the industry to achieve digitalization.


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