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Sending Warmth in Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals to the Chinese. Superland Group collaborated with The Church of Christ in China Kei To Mong Kok Church for the "Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign" to send the festive warmth to the elderly with Mid-Autumn fortunate bags.

More than 100 elderlies attended the event on the day. The Group has sent out nearly ten volunteers to assist in taking attendance, recycling lunch boxes, and distributing the Mid-Autumn fortunate bags and lunch boxes. The elderly was happy with their gifts. Mooncakes, noodles, healthy snacks, biscuits, and canned food were all included in each fortunate bag. Also, the elderly enjoyed Cantonese opera performances with the volunteer team to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together. The Company will continue to participate in different kinds of charity activities and spread more hope and caring to society.


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