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Spreading Love to Elderly in CNY

With the Chinese New Year approaching, the Success Base Angels Team visited Fong Tam Yuen Leung Health Enhancement Centre For The Senior to have an early celebration with a group of elderly. Apart from playing a number of interactive games with the elderly, we sang different Chinese New Year songs to get everybody in the mood. After having so much fun together, we also distributed a grab bag filled with the necessities, anti-epidemic items and spring couplets. The elderly all smiled as they received our love and blessings.

Success Base Engineering Limited has a deep and abiding commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), promoting an age-inclusive society as always. Aside from hiring seniors to be part of our workforce, we are dedicated to supporting the grassroots elderly by spreading love and care in-person. In the near future, our team will continuously extend our unceasing support to the underprivileged with overarching programs in order to fulfill our social corporate responsibility.


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